Applied Design and Engineering Ltd and Adande Aircell Ltd are pleased to announce a licensing partnership, using its ground-breaking Aircell Technology for open-display retail cabinets, with a new and dynamic UK display cabinet manufacturer named Lucabo.

Applied Design & Engineering Ltd and subsidiary Adande Aircell Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Lucabo International Ltd as a technology licensing partner. Applied Design and Engineering Ltd has entered into a non-exclusive, nontransferable technology licensing agreement with Lucabo, granting the right to use its proprietary patented technology to power the company’s retail cabinets. Adande Aircell Ltd will supply the key shelf sets to Lucabo that “implant” the Aircell technology into the leading edge Lucabo cabinets.

Lucabo International, based in BOSTON UK, provides refrigeration solutions to many of the world’s largest brands and is well-known to retailers looking for quality equipment.

Executive Chairman of the Adande Group Nigel Bell: ‘We are pleased to welcome Lucabo to our licensee family. Aircell Technology offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to foodservice operators and retailers for refrigeration without compromising the shopping experience, and we are confident Lucabo will use this to grow their new business very quickly serving retailers with energy efficient cabinets. With the pressure being felt by foodservice operators and retailers to reduce their energy use by 30% or more and keep costs down, open cabinets powered by Aircell offer a much-needed alternative to the cabinets available traditionally. ‘ CEO, Lucabo International Ltd, Lewis Bourne: ‘Sourcing the right technology for our world-class cabinets has been vital and we are pleased to use the patent protected innovation that is Aircell Technology. We have been able, using Aircell to develop open-display retail cabinets that not only deliver food quality and reduce food waste, but that will help drive retailers costs down through significantly lower energy use. Aircell technology offers a green, environmentally responsible approach to refrigeration which we are pleased to use in our new AERO cabinet range. The AERO cabinets debuted at the EUROSHOP show in Dusseldorf, Germany Feb26 – Mar02. Many retailers were invited and the overall reaction to the Lucabo launch was amazing.

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