Welcome to Aircell Technology

Energy efficiency & cooling without compromise.

What is Aircell?

Aircell technology is a patented energy saving solution that powers open display cabinets in the UK. Our technology stands out from the rest by preserving food for longer, removing cold aisle syndrome and saving operators up to 70% in energy costs.

Who uses Aircell?

Adande Refrigeration uses Aircell technology to power their Bora multi-decks. Our technology makes the Bora B energy-rated, saving their customers thousands in energy costs.

No cold air, no more cold aisle syndrome for customers with Aircell technology

Aircell’s design means cold air is retained within the cabinet, not lost onto the shop floor causing “cold aisle syndrome”. As a result, the aisles are warmer, customers are more comfortable and they browse for longer, which in turn, positively impacts retail sales.

Aircell – Energy Efficiency and Cooling without Compromise