Aircell is the World’s most effective refrigeration technology for supermarket and grab-and-go display cabinets

Aircell is an award winning, patented technology that radically improves the management of chilled airflow to significantly increase the performance of open display refrigeration. It enables large volumes of food to be displayed in an easily accessible, precisely controlled environment with minimal energy needed. No barriers to customers and no cold aisles.

It provides better energy performance than cabinets fitted with shelf edge air guides and uses energy similar to that of cabinets with glass doors, but with the benefit of easier accessibility and greater opportunities for retail sales. 

Lower energy use, lower carbon, lower costs 


Improved energy savings can be achieved, energy bills can be reduced by over £600 a year, and CO2 emissions lowered by over a tonne for every 2.5m Aircell cabinet installed in place of a standard open cabinet. Large UK supermarket chains can save over £20 million in energy costs and prevent over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 from being generated every year. This reduction in energy consumption will help retailers meet their environmental targets and manufacturers produce cabinets with higher band energy labels under the legislation introduced in April 2021.


Shoppers have a better experience with no more cold aisles


Aircell delivers a better shopping experience for customers. With the chilled air staying within the cabinet itself, customers are not exposed to cold-aisle syndrome which encourages longer browsing and gives more opportunities to buy.

Precise temperature control that preserves food quality 

Aircell’s precise and consistent temperature control throughout the whole cabinet ensures that the quality of food is maintained wherever it is positioned within the cabinet, its shelf life is maximised and wastage reduced.

Aircell reduces a retailer’s business cost


Energy cost savings can be substantial, not only when considered per cabinet, but especially in light of a retailers size of operation and number of outlets.

As Aircell holds cold air inside the refrigerated cabinet, it makes sense that a retailer’s heating requirement is naturally lower. A large supermarket group could save over £20 million per annum in total energy costs, thanks to the implementation of Aircell aerodynamic technology.

Less food waste

In cabinets powered by Aircell, food is proven to stay fresher for longer, meaning a greater selling window and less food wastage.

Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs

Aircell removes the need for glass doors on a cabinet, and it saves the additional maintenance, cleaning and replacement costs that doors introduce.

No cold air, no more cold aisle syndrome for customers with Aircell technology

Aircell’s design means cold air is retained within the cabinet, not lost onto the shop floor causing “cold aisle syndrome”. As a result, the aisles are warmer, customers are more comfortable and they browse for longer, which in turn, positively impacts retail sales.

Aircell – Energy Efficiency and Cooling without Compromise